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12 months to the day.

After several days of upper 80-degree weather and even low 90s Virginia is finally cooling down, slightly. The journey north to Maine begins tomorrow and another 12 months of unknown. My time at Smith Meadows Farm carried its fair share of ups and downs, but in the end it was a good experience. I am glad to be getting out now as chicks by the hundreds arrive to fill brooders, turkeys and ducklings are scheduled for later in May, lambs are on the loose, and calves being born. But the Shenandoah Valley is graded in 50 shades of green while blossoms of white and pink fall on tree branches like spring snow.

Now my second spring waits for me in the brown tones of Maine, 30 lambs and their mothers that will need to be sheared come May, and pines to be cleared out of pastures

No sad farewells to Virginia for I’ll be back again and no new hellos to Maine as I know her well.

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