Springtime in Maine

Springtime in Maine

Like you might expect Maine weather is never predictable nor dependable. Sunny days when rain is forecasted and rain when, well rain quite often. The pastures are still a bit soggy but the clearing/cleaning project for our east pasture is moving at a brisk pace. The cows and calves have been moved to a temporary oval pasture in the west mainly because they’ve been bawling for grass…and Jimmo and Lolabell made a late afternoon escape for the fresh spring clover.

The Bowdoinham Farmer’s Market begins May 23 and we will have lamb meat products, eggs, and wool. The market is located in the Merrymeeting Grange at 27 Main Street and is open from 9 – 1. For more information of other vendors go to: http://www.bowdoinham.com/farmersmarket

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  1. Nancy says:

    How was market??? 100% humidity here. Is that Lola bell sniffing at the camera? I want to hear her name pronounced in Mainer.

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