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new spring

Here are some of new faces around the farm…wicked cuties!

Apple Creek Farm wrapped up the lambing season in the evening on March 22nd, exactly a month from when it all began. The weather was a balmy 63° and we were in the barn without coat or hat, which was a far cry from the February 22nd lambing. With the temperatures in the 60s and 70s last week I think all the mums were about ready to stand in line to get sheared. Good thing we held off since this week was back to being late winter with some snow and cold rain. Our season at the Brunswick Winter Market is soon to wrap up as we are almost completely out of meat inventory. The chickens are laying great and so we may continue to go with just eggs. Abby has been down to help out around the farm and there should be some goats kidding at her farm (Bacon Brook Farmstead) in another month! Also there will be pictures from shearing once we get going on that. And hopefully a blog post about lamb vs. mutton – there have been a lot of people at market asking about the differences.

Check our our Facebook page for updates throughout the summer as to where to find our meat and eggs.

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