Two Farms

Two Farms

Here are some photos from Apple Creek Farm and Bacon Brook Farmstead over the past few weeks.

Basking in the warm sun

Our second batch of Red Bros

Day old inquisitive little one

The goslings are growing up!

but still lounging around…

Winter rye and vetch was planted in the new field last fall at Apple Creek Farm….

here’s the vetch!

The cows were strip-grazed through during the rainy stretch last week

The rain helped the pastures thicken up


When the sun returned the mama goats and their kids did some lazing around in the grass


The yearlings.






Clover and Jimoo cool off in the trees along the field edges.


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  1. Gogo says:

    Photos perfectly capture the feel of “knowing your local farmer” and knowing where your meat comes from.

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