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Beat the summer heat – make hay and jump in the water!

What a summer! I think we’re ready to expect the unexpected from here on out of our farming lives. It is now creeping towards the end of July and we have yet to finish our first cutting of hay. All that rain in June really saturated the ground leaving us useless on the days when it was sunny, unable and not wanting to put a tractor in a field; leaving ruts we’d regret for the next 10 years. And even when the ground was just only slightly squishy, there was enough moisture that the hay wouldn’t dry completely. Or the threat of thunderstorms was so great we didn’t dare cut – sometimes to our advantage, sometimes not.

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When it did get nice though, it was beautiful! Until the humidity showed up. But the hay must be made and nothing feels better than jumping in the Cathance River after loading and unloading a full hay wagon.

Our geese, on the other hand, have enjoyed every damp, rainy, foggy day June and July threw at us. Even the hot humid days these guys can be found bopping in and out of the water tub, grazing happy-as-can-be, or sacked out catching some rays.


Pool’s open!


The best way to beat the heat.


Just last week they were moved into their finishing pastures. We seeded down a section of pasture in the spring specifically for the geese – a mix of chicory and a pasture mix including perennial rye grass, timothy, and several clovers.


Salad Bar!

Information about ordering a holiday goose can be found at Apple Creek Farm and there will be a blog post about it too.

Lastly our first batch of Red Bros are being processed this week and will be available for order or at the Bowdoinham Farmers’ Market. We will have more chickens being processed throughout the rest of the summer and available all winter.

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Feel free to contact us – applecreekfarmbham@gmail.com about getting chicken, goose, or any of our other grass-fed meat products.

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