Share the news…Farm for sale!

Where did the end of the summer go?? It has been mighty busy around Apple Creek Farm and Bacon Brook Farmstead the last two months. Haying was wrapped up…finally. Five great calves were born at Apple Creek, our batches of organic meat chickens have all been processed as have our organic geese, and lime and manure are getting spread on some pastures and hay fields.

Abby and I were busy in August and September getting her house and farm ready to go on the market. That’s right, Bacon Brook Farmstead is for sale in the great town of Unity. We are eagerly looking forward to farming (one farm) together in Bowdoinham.

Pasture with broilers.
Pasture with broilers.
Lower pasture
Lower pasture

Here is the link to the farm:

We’ve put a lot of work into the fields and pastures – the broilers that you enjoy so much at the winter farmers’ market in Brunswick were the main sources of fertility. Heavy rotations have brought the pastures back in just two years. The goats and geese add a tremendous amount too. There are several great locations for vegetable production and still have space for raising livestock. This is the perfect little spot for a young farmer, or a pair, or whoever! Located just close enough to Unity but just out so that neighbors aren’t something one thinks about. We would appreciate folks who can share the link and information with friends and family.

Looking north.
Looking north.

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