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Helpful Valentine’s Day tips from Apple Creek

Are you one of those folks who doesn’t like Valentine’s Day? Do you wait until the day before to order flowers or buy a card on your way home from work? We’d like to offer you some ideas for this mid-winter holiday that you and your loved one can enjoy equally. Why buy flowers that you can’t eat and will just get composted? Why buy a generic card that you’ll stuff into some desk drawer? Chocolates? Well perhaps. But how about MEAT? Steaks, roasts, chops, ribs, shanks? Lamb, beef, goat, chicken, goose?. We can give you a leg up.

a boneless goat leg...

a boneless goat leg…

Why go out on February 14th and share a restaurant with multiple other couples? Making a meal for your Valentine is a sure way to show how much you care for them. There is time involved and that shows commitment. Choosing a meal to make shows you’re decisive and it shows you know your loved one’s taste. Stick with a safe, traditional dish or get experimental – it’s like buying one rose verses 50 roses, both show you care, but one might carry a bit more weight in the love department. But don’t make a dish that only you like. That’s like buying your girlfriend lingerie rather than the sweater she really wants. And you won’t break the bank selecting a great cut of meat either, we have a price that will fit everyone’s budget!

So maybe lighting a fire in the kitchen isn’t your thing and maybe more your Valentine’s. How about getting them a great, high quality cut of grass-fed beef or lamb? Or a certified organic chicken or goose? This gift could ultimately land you in the seat across from your loved one enjoying the goat shanks or beef tenderloin that you gave them!

This February 14th meat will guarantee to heat things up…in the kitchen at least.

And if meat isn’t your Valentine’s thing, perhaps a sheep or goat skin will show your love. It will surely provide a cozy place to curl up during this cold month. Remember February 14th is a Friday this year! Find us this Saturday the 8th at the Brunswick Winter Market at Fort Andross in Brunswick.


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