News of the Farm 1.12.21

News of the Farm 1.12.21

It’s been an unusually mild January and the days have been dry and sunny. The big news around here is bovine-centric. Bluebelle delivered a fine bull calf about a week ago. We’ve named him Blue Hubbard, or Hubbard for short. He’s the fourth calf of the year, all produced using artificial insemination. Blue is one of our largest cows and he one of our smallest calves yet. Compact and sturdy we joked that he slid right out! We happened to be at Saturday market when he arrived and so Jake’s dad Pete had the job of bringing the calf to the barn out of the sleet, snow and rain that accompanied his arrival. Both mother and babe are doing well and Hubbard is learning from his siblings how to make his mother crazy by running up and down the uneven winter yard, tail held aloft (high-tailing it) while poor Blue bellows at him to, “Come right back!”

Bluebelle & Hubbard

Maybelline & Velveteen

We’re waiting on the final calf which is due sometime in the next week or so. Kit, with the help of Jake delivered a fine bull calf on Wednesday. As Kit is a first-time mom and we’ve been sticking close and watching her carefully.

Kit & her bull calf
Kit’s bull calf

This morning an eagle swooped down just as we were headed to the home farm. He (or she) perched in one of the top branches of a pasture pine while the dogs went crazy barking. It’s pretty wild to see a giant bird like that so close and no matter how much barking Rye and Ida did, it wasn’t moving! We walked down to the base of the tree to convince it ourselves with a bit of clapping. Off it went, soaring over the field with Rye in hot pursuit on to find a quieter place for some rest.


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  1. casbah3d says:

    Beautiful, Abby! Such a sweet calf. Love the eagle sighting. Believe it or not, they have been spotted in downtown Chicago, too. One good thing.

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