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What’s in Season?

What’s in season now? and what’s to come?

Each year we reflect on our goal to raise enough of each of our products to provide them to you on a year-round basis. Our “what’s in season” infographic, above is a visual representation of that goal.

In the winter, we review what you purchased, how much and when. Using that information, we try to find the balance between what we CAN grow and how much we WANT to grow.

Heading into 2020, we thought we had increased production enough to satisfy your needs. What we couldn’t anticipate were how the pandemic and production factors influenced other farms in our markets.
Despite growing more chicken than ever before, we sold out earlier!

In part this was because many of you cooked more at home and traveled less. In addition, at Saturday market alone there were 3 fewer vendors offering chicken. As we plan for 2021, we are embracing the idea of simplifying some aspects of the farm in order to focus on others. We hope this overview will be helpful in understanding what will be available, when and little bit about why.


Eggs are always in season!

Our new hens will arrive on the farm in late April or early May. You’ll see their first pullet eggs in late May. These little beauties are delicious and make the perfect mid-day snack for adults and littles alike.

Our retiring hens will be available as stew hens which make the finest chicken broth and soup you can imagine. Find our favorite recipes here.

Organic, pasture-raised chicken

We aim for chicken to be available year-round too!

Our first batch of chicks arrived last week and by mid-May we’ll be processing weekly. We will offer a full range of cuts as well as whole and half birds. With fewer farmers in our markets raising chicken, we’re focused on increasing the number of birds we grow. Our fresh chicken offerings will still be from May – September. From September on, we’ll have all the same cuts available frozen.

Goat & Lamb

As some of you know (and we’ve shared in previous posts like this one) our goal is to increase our goat and sheep numbers so that you can dine on them year round.

One needed step in that process is to build a new barn and thanks to support from Maine Farmland Trust, we’ll be working on a plan and applying for financing this year. Until then, we’ll likely harvest a few animals in mid-summer for sausage and then begin harvesting in September or October. Until then, we encourage you to consider making and using lamb broth as a base for your favorite soup. One of our favorites is a lamb barley stew, find that recipe here.

Goose & Turkey

We will not be raising geese for Christmas nor turkeys for Thanksgiving this year. The volatility of the weather (and other factors) last year has helped us finally decide to take some time off from these enterprises. Our processor is no longer accepting waterfowl and the processor in New Hampshire we used last year has since closed his doors as well. Though we delight in raising both of these critters, we have decided to focus on raising more chicken and managing the harvest logistics through the Fall to ensure ample supply of beef, goat and lamb for winter markets.


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