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What’s Your Shopping Style?

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Are you a
Farmers’ Market Shopper ?

There are many advantages to shopping at farmers’ markets.

Some of these include:

  • You can see everything! We’ll always show you various size options to help you find the right fit. You’ll also be able to see how our products are packed, how cuts are marbled and the difference between different cuts.
  • You can shop what’s in season! Unlike the grocery store, at farmers’ markets you’ll only find what’s growing right now! You’ll learn to cook with the seasons and learn how our farm produces different products during each season of the year. Curious about what’s in season, check out this post!
  • You’ll be inspired! The sights, smells and sounds at farmers market may be just the thing to get you excited about cooking! We’re always happy to share recipe inspirations that bring together what’s available at market right now!
  • You’ll meet your farmer! Shopping at market each week means you’ll get to see your farmer every week! That’s right! Learn how your food is being raised, what’s happening in the field and how the season is going.

Would you prefer to shop online?

There are also advantages to shopping online

Some of these include:

  • You can see everything! We update our online store every Tuesday by 10 AM so you can see everything we are offering and what’s in stock.
  • You can shop anytime! Unlike farmers’ market, you can log-in and shop our online store any time of the day! Order by Thursday at 9 am for pick-up at any of our 4 weekly pick-up locations.
  • You’ll never miss out! Farmers’ Markets are a super fun and stimulating place to shop. However, it’s very hard for us to predict what might be popular in any given week, on any market day. You might find that what you’re looking for has sold out and have to change your plans on the spot.
  • It’s convenient! With 4 pick-up locations, you’ll find the best location and pick-up hours to meet your schedule.

Which suits you? Farmers Market or Shopping Online?
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