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News of the Farm 3.8.22

It’s been an unusually busy week on the farm. Lambing began on February 27 and to date we have 25 lambs! The count right now stands at 16 ewes and 9 rams which is fantastic, considering part of our goal is to increase our flock size over the next few years.

Update 3/22/22 All the lambs are here! It was an eventful lambing season with numerous sets of twins, a few ewes with complications and a brisk pace with up to 8 ewes delivering each day! PHEW! Scroll to the bottom of this post for the most up-to-date photos from the week.

Teensy’s ewe lamb, Tinsel
Polka dot coats help with the wind!


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  1. Averil Fessenden says:

    Wonderful photos! Such an affirmation of life. I am pleased that you have talked about the suffering in Ukraine too, and a way to send help. Tell us about the lamb coats

    • Abby @ Apple Creek Farm says:

      Hi Averil-
      The coats help keep the lambs warm after they are born. We dry each lamb off, dip their navel in iodine to prevent infection and then put on their fleece jacket. Once we have consistent warm days (or the lambs grow up enough) we remove the jackets. Thanks for asking!

  2. Laina says:

    So darn cute.

  3. Jill Sackash says:

    They are soooooo cute! You two are the best!!!

  4. Stephanie says:

    These updates…the ups and the arounds (good on you Jake to get that lamb turned!) are such a PEP talk about getting on with life…as life gets on with itself.

    Abby great job with the blog…you are SUCH an inspiration! YEAH for 50 LAMBS!

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