Author: Jake - Apple Creek Farm

35 years, reflections on lambing

We are past the first week of February and generally that means if we haven’t gotten things ready in the barn for lambing yet, we’d better get going! So far, I’ve ordered ear tags, inventoried health supplies, cleaned the heat lamps, checked the bulbs and prepared the permanent stalls for early arrivals. And so we…
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Helpful Valentine’s Day tips from Apple Creek

Are you one of those folks who doesn’t like Valentine’s Day? Do you wait until the day before to order flowers or buy a card on your way home from work? We’d like to offer you some ideas for this mid-winter holiday that you and your loved one can enjoy equally. Why buy flowers that…
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New neighbors.

Last week we finally finished up the mobile coop. There are still some minor details to complete but we’re saving those for when it gets warmer. We wheeled the coop out to the winter cow paddock to provide a little more wind break for the cows but also so the chickens can scratch around in…
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New Year Brings Big Changes

After three years of planning, three months of waiting for the Unity farm to officially sell and at least two weeks of moving- everyone is on ONE farm in Bowdoinham! We are excited (and a little tired) but wanted to share some photos of 2014 happenings so far.

Share the news…Farm for sale!

Where did the end of the summer go?? It has been mighty busy around Apple Creek Farm and Bacon Brook Farmstead the last two months. Haying was wrapped up…finally. Five great calves were born at Apple Creek, our batches of organic meat chickens have all been processed as have our organic geese, and lime and…
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Beat the summer heat – make hay and jump in the water!

What a summer! I think we’re ready to expect the unexpected from here on out of our farming lives. It is now creeping towards the end of July and we have yet to finish our first cutting of hay. All that rain in June really saturated the ground leaving us useless on the days when…
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Two Farms

Here are some photos from Apple Creek Farm and Bacon Brook Farmstead over the past few weeks.            

The Real Arrival of Spring [In like a lamb, gosling, chick, OR mud]

Generally mud is a good sign of the change of seasons. This year we had snow then mud, then snow again, then mud, and snow once more before the ground decided to thaw out completely and let the mud reign. There are some sayings I like to hold close when it comes to talking about…
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Down to two…

    March Madness: The selection showcase, the sweet 16 and then the final four…I’m not talking about the NCAA basketball tournaments. I’m talking about the lambing season. In October we selected which ewes would be turned in with which rams, and separated the different groups. 145 days later (give or take) the lambs started…
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Taking Stock

With the ever present snow, it is hard to believe Spring is coming, therefore it is a great time to take stock and make stock. Since we raise our own animals we often find our freezers full of parts that sometimes seem overlooked. Beef and lamb bones are some of those. Our beef bones come…
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