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Lambing Continues

Our 2013 lambing season continues! Jake, Pete and Janet have been working ’round the clock to ensure all the lambs get a good start. This Oxford cross lamb certainly did and is now entertaining us with sweet antics.

Taking Stock

With the ever present snow, it is hard to believe Spring is coming, therefore it is a great time to take stock and make stock. Since we raise our own animals we often find our freezers full of parts that sometimes seem overlooked. Beef and lamb bones are some of those. Our beef bones come…
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Light and calm.

February. This month you really begin to see the light change again. 7 then 6:30, then 6. In the evenings too; 4:30, 5, then 5:30 and later. You know there is hope; summer is on its way. Those long days providing the hours you need for all the work you can imagine. But February is…
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Pinto & Koko

Pinto & Koko took a break from nuzzling to pose for this shot. Koko was born this fall, you can find some great photos of her as a wee calf on our facebook page.

Roasting this Winter

I’ve been browsing  Alice Water’s cookbook, The Art of Simple Food.  Though at first I was skeptical, I prefer cookbooks with titles like, Meat, I was won over by Waters who uses every opportunity to stress the importance of purchasing meat that is “raised with care.”  She talks about how you can purchase organic chicken…
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Everything but the Cluck!

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the concept of  “Nose to Tail” eating; by which I mean consuming all the parts of an animal. But I think some folks might be inclined to think of that concept in a way that recalls an episode of “Fear Factor” where participants choke down spoonfuls of…
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Taking two farms and making it one family.

As some of you know, when Jake moved back to Maine in May of 2009 he wanted to farm the land he grew up on in Bowdoinham. He began to co-manage the herd of cows and flock of sheep with Pete, his father, and part time help from his brother Arek who lives in Rhode…
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Spring Shearing

The end of April was so beautiful. The weather was down right hot but welcomed. We were able to get all the ewes sheared in a shorter period of time than we normally do – a wet sheep cannot be sheared; not easily. Some of our wool is sold to End of the World Farm…
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new spring

Here are some of new faces around the farm…wicked cuties! Apple Creek Farm wrapped up the lambing season in the evening on March 22nd, exactly a month from when it all began. The weather was a balmy 63° and we were in the barn without coat or hat, which was a far cry from the…
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They’re callin for zero tonight.

The wind has picked up and the air from up in Canada is moving in swiftly. They’re calling for zero tonight, maybe colder. I have spent a lot of time contemplating the shifts in the weather this winter and I have come to the conclusion it must drive the livestock nuts; more so than us…
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