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Lambs in the clover

June 17th the lambs went to their “summer camp” in East Bowdoinham. They all seem very happy and growing well in the great pastures over there. baaahh.

This was May…

Additionally we cut hay from fields almost two months earlier than we normally do…this spring was the real deal.

A real spring

Since the last post things have been busy…lambs comin’ out our ears. And it hasn’t been much of a Mud Season this spring. More like a real spring. Flowers coming up, leaves popping, garlic and asparagus are up, and the spinach and arugula in the hoop house are thick! The lambs are growing great, racing…
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February Lambs

It’s been a couple of wintery months and we’ve been moving a lot of wood in order to heat ourselves next year and open more pasture for the animals. But things are feeling more like spring now and we’ve still got a month to go before it officially arrives. These twins decided to make an…
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Sweet Potato Harvest 2009

Beauregards, White Yams, and a Maine native that really has no official name other than K-50. For this being my first try growing sweet potatoes in Bowdoinham I feel pretty good with the harvest.

Chicken killin’ & September Cows

We processed the birds we raised for ourselves on Labor day, a few pictures of the grand occasion. Pete did most of the plucking while I did all the gutting and cleaning. The cows enjoyed their time in our north field. Quite a bit in fact. They’re calling for snow in northern Maine tomorrow afternoon.…
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It finally feels like summer in Maine, with autumn right on it’s heels. With weeks, yes WEEKS, of uninterrupted sunshine we were able to finish off the hay season on the 6th of September. Pete and I baled up 500+ over the labor day weekend.Coming this month:Sweet Potato Harvest! Chicken Processing! and of course more…
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Fifth wettest June on Record

The timothy is like broom straw… So I’m a better farmer than I am a blogger, which I believe is a good thing. That being said I apologize for the lack of posts in the month of June. I blame it on the soggy weather. Rain, gray skies, wood stove fires keeping kitchens warm in…
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