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April Newsletter

We’re just about done with lambing with a single ewe left. The goat kids have begun to arrive and we have 10 kids out of 5 does so far! The lambs are bashful and shy when they are born, while the goat kids come into the world willful and independent. We give all our newborns…
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Roll Call: Farm Babies

Spring is the time of year when you think of new life emerging and it certainly has here on the farm! We’re always energized by the arrival of lambs, kids and chicks even if we’re tired from late night checks on the mothers.

We’re only Kidding!

Though it feels like we just finished lambing, kidding season is already underway. So far our does have delivered three sets of twins- each including one doe and one buckling! We had two first-time mothers in the group. One of which has had a tough time keeping up with her new duties, luckily she has…
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