Who loves Chicken POT PIE?

Who loves Chicken POT PIE?

It does seem like Spring is finally on the way! We had flurries this morning as is tradition the week that chicks arrive, but all in all it seems like we're seeing less of winter. It doesn't mean I'll be breaking out the shorts anytime soon though and I'll still be in the mood for slow-roasting meats and making comfort foods for a few more months. 

We have half a dozen ewes left to lamb and with hay running out we had to rearrange the barn again. The three oldest groups of lambs in the nurseries were let loose in the paddock yesterday. While it is still muddy, Jake has been using wood chips to dry things up, and it is great to see the lambs running around. The barn is also SO MUCH noisier! Between the ewes calling to their lambs and the lambs yelling for their moms, it sounds like total chaos. We've set up a creep area for the lambs (think of it like a VIP lamb lounge) with feeders, fresh water and comfy bedding. As is generally the case, no lamb has yet dared to enter, but I'm sure by day's end there will be some who figure it out. 

We're introducing a new product this week in the online store! Chicken pot pie filling is made by our favorite chef, Jenn Legnini of Turtle Rock Farm. Using our own organic stew hens along with  some colorful organic vegetables, Jenn has created a simple, yet scrumptious new offering. Purchase a container and you'll get the crust recipe. Each container makes 1-9" pot pie. 

Shop and choose your pick-up location. Orders due by Thursday at 9 AM

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