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Organic Meats & Eggs

Apple Creek Farm produces organic meats including beef, goat and lamb as well as organic chicken and eggs.

The farm’s products are available through our online store or at farmers’ markets year-round. 

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Organic Beef, Goat & Lamb

The farm produces a variety of meats including grass-fed & certified organic beef, goat and lamb.

Our animals have year-round outdoor access, eat organic feed, and are raised without the use of antibiotics and chemical wormers. Using regenerative farming techniques such as rotational grazing, these animals improve our farm soils while utilizing the abundant grasses that grow on the farm.

Our beef, goat and lamb meat is sold frozen in cryovac packages that can be stored for your convenience. We sell by the cut, though joining our Market Share CSA is a great option if you’d like the value of purchasing a side of organic meat without the commitment.

Organic Chicken & Eggs

Apple Creek produces certified organic chicken and eggs.

All our chickens are raised on pasture during the growing season where they move to fresh grass daily. Movement ensures the animals are healthy while improving our farm soils.

Because the chickens are moving and able to engage in natural behaviors such as scratching, foraging, and hunting they produce organic eggs and organic meat that is unparalleled in flavor and quality.

Our organic eggs are sold fresh each week in either half dozen or dozen cartons at farmers markets. You can also find our brightly colored, illustrated cartons at select local food retailers, at local farm stands or as “add-on” shares in several vegetable subscriptions.

Our organic chicken is sold fresh on a weekly basis from May – September. Once weekly harvests end, frozen chicken is available while supplies last. Chicken is sold as whole birds, half birds, whole legs (thigh & drumstick), wings and breast. All our chicken is packed and sealed for storage either fresh or frozen.

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Beyond Meat

Apple Creek embraces the “nose-to-tail” ethos by utilizing parts of the animals that are often thrown away. This helps reduce food waste and the carbon footprint of our farm.

Bones from our livestock are sold by the pound and are made into frozen broth. “Odd bits” such as hearts, kidneys and livers are sold by the pound. Organic chicken livers are also made into a delicious pate that is as tasty as it is good for you.

At harvest, the sheepskins and goat hides are brought home and prepared for tanning. Then, the hides are sent to tanneries in Pennsylvania and Vermont to be transformed into unique heirlooms. Our sheepskins and cashmere goat hides are ideal for a bedside rug, thrown over your favorite chair, or as gifts.

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Just wanted to tell you that as a result of your blog post, I tried my first stew hen.
It was awesome! Thank you for the encouragement!
Why would anyone make soup out of a broiler??
– Heather Cox

Try One Too!

Raised with Care

We know you wouldn’t feed just anything to your family and we feel the same way about our animals. We raise our organic animals with the utmost care to ensure they produce the healthiest and most delicious organic meat you can buy.

100% Grass-Fed BEEF
Pasture-Raised & Organic CHICKEN
Pasture-Raised & Organic EGGS
Grass-Fed & Organic
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Tote Bag

Share the Love!  

Now, whether you are near to the farm or across the country, you can show your support with one of our cheerful, new tote bags. 

Our Apple Creek Farm tote bag features our beloved livestock guardian, Ida with our laying hens. Tote is made in the USA of recycled cotton and features bright red straps and a cheerful yellow banner.


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