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Apple Creek Farm produces beef, chicken, eggs, fiber, goat, goose, hay, lamb and turkey. We are a MOFGA Certified Organic farm. That means all of our pastures, hay land, and feeds are certified organic and are free of any GMOs, growth hormones or antibiotics.

We produce only certified organic chicken, turkeys and geese as well as both certified organic and 100% grass-fed beef, goat and lamb. We raise our animals with the utmost care to ensure they produce the healthiest and most delicious meat you can buy.

All our products are available year-round in Brunswick at Brunswick Farmers’ Market, Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust Farmers’ market at Crystal Springs and Brunswick Winter Market.

Market Share CSA
IMG_2258We offer a Market Share CSA.
The program is modeled after a traditional CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program where the farmers receive payment upfront in return for a share of the harvest throughout the season. In our model you have the flexibility to choose the products you want throughout the season.
For every $100 share you will receive a $10 bonus.

Product List
Pricing subject to change, find us at market for current pricing.

Ground $8/lb
Steaks: Club, NY Sirloin, London Broil, Sirloin Tip, Rib eye, Porterhouse, Short cut, T-bone and Tenderloin $14-25/lb
Brisket, Kebab, Minute Steaks, Stew Meat, Short Ribs $12/lb
Roasts: Top & Bottom Round, Chuck, Sirloin Tip $9-11/lb
Marrow & Soup bones $6 /lb
Odd Bits (Heart, Liver) & Stock bones $4/lb

Half birds, Whole birds $6/lb
Quarters $8/lb
Boneless Skinless Breasts $13/lb
Hearts, Feet, Livers, Necks $4/lb
Backs $12/pack
Stew Birds $12/each

Certified Organic Eggs $6/dozen

Fiber Products
Shop OnlineVisit our online store for a full selection
Goat Skins $150-$175
Sheepskins $200-$300

Ground & Stew $13/lb
Shanks $12/lb
Riblet $10/lb
Rib & Loin Chops $20/lb
Leg, Boneless $15/lb
Leg, Bone In $12/lb
Chorizo Sausage $14/lb

Whole Birds $10/lb Reserve Yours!
Liver $9/lb

Ground, Stew $13/lb
Shanks $12/lb
Loin & Rib Chops $20/lb
Leg Steaks, Shoulder Chops, Boneless Leg $15/lb
Leg, Bone In $12/lb
Kebab & Rosemary Mutton Sausage $14/lb
Riblet $10/lb
Shoulder Roast $8/lb
Odd Bits & Stock bones $4/lb

Ground $13/lb
Boneless Breast $13/lb
Drumsticks $12/pack of 2
Wings $6/lb
Odd Bits & Backs $4/lb
Whole Birds* $5.50/lb *by order only Reserve Yours!

2 thoughts on “Products

    • Hi Lori-
      We don’t ship any of our products with the exception of sheepskins and goat hides. If you are looking for comparable beef in your area you might try the online directories such as or LocalHarvest. Thanks for your interest.

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